Once you have made the decision to part with some of your items, we spend the necessary time with you to learn about the history of each cherished treasure, such as when you acquired it and from where, as well as any significant event or person that may be associated with that particular item, because knowing the story helps keep the memory alive as well as getting potential buyers interested.


In addition to the background and any information we glean from you, we do our own research and reach out to specialists in specific areas, such as artwork, carpets, antique toys, etc., to ensure that we get the best price, and get it in front of the right buyer. Often we are contacted by folks who are looking for specific things, so we like to help make that connection.

Income stream for you

We do a lot of work to stage appropriately, advertise, and make your items look their best for each month's big sale day. We have an extremely reasonable commission structure, all laid out in each individual contract, as well as providing you with an inventory list to keep track of the items we are selling for you. As items are sold, we send out monthly commission checks, as well as make the best determination along with you of what to do with items that just don't seem to be selling. You always have the final say.

Why We Do What We Do

In our primary professions as Professional Organizers and Senior Move Managers, we have loved helping our clients transition to the next season of their life when it comes time to downsize to an easier and more manageable lifestyle. While doing this, we often found that our clients had very beautiful things that they had collected over their lifetime of experiences. While these items still held a great deal of meaning and sentimentality. they no longer served a purpose as folks transitioned to Senior Retirement Communities, or just downsized to a more manageable home. So, what to do with all that stuff?

Many folks opt for auctions but sometimes feel that they did not really get the full value for what they believed their items were worth. If selling in a hurry is not a requirement we can get their items in our shop and get the best price possible because we can wait for the right buyer to come along. The income generated from these sales is often critical for our clients for financially supporting life in their new location and their retirement.

Next Steps...

Call us today to see if we can help. We would love to meet with you and learn about your treasures as well as the stories that make them so special! And, of course, help you transition them to a new life of their own.

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