Our Approach

We spend time with our clients learning about the history of the items that they wish to sell, as well as maker, model, year, etc. to make sure we are pricing appropriately. Also, knowing the story of an item often makes it intriguing to buyers, and helps the legacy of that item live on. Of course, our first approach is to ensure that any family members or close family friends have the first opportunity to receive these items, and we can even help with the shipping and delivery. However, for those things that remain, we will do our best to find just the right home and new owner for them.

Our Story

We started out as Professional Organizers (ClutterTroops Organizing Solutions) and soon came to realize that most of our clients needed our services because they were downsizing to move into a retirement community, assisted living facility, or a smaller home. We then decided to expanded our company to be a full move management service (Secure Move Management). We were heartsick knowing that their treasured items were being discarded of or sold for nothing at auction. What started small, has grown to an inventory of thousands and has brought us closer to our community. We look forward to being successful together!

Meet the Team

Although on sale day you will see a plethora of staff that will be helping us out, here are the three main folks who work all month long collecting, preparing, setting up, researching, pricing. and staging the items. The hardest part is not wanting to buy much of if ourselves!!

Susan Lehrer

Co-Founder, Chief Seller

Chuck Lehrer

Co-Founder, Chief Acquirer

Garyson Lehrer

Chief Muscle Mover and Lady Charmer

Next Steps…

If you are preparing to move, downsize, organize, or just need to make room, consider calling The Heron Exchange to help you Capitalize on your Downsize!